Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hey there, I'm glad you found my blog!
I'm Mags. A 29 years old mother (my little baby boy was born in January!) and a wife (to the most wonderful guy in the world) obsessed with all inspirational things.  Addicted Pinterest and all the wonderful blogs that can be found online!
I would describe myself as a creative.
I’ve always been good with my hands, whether it was drawing, crafting, cooking or playing the piano. Rewind to three years ago, I had just given up a job and while waiting for another job oportunity that was about to come up I needed something to do. That's when my sister showed me the Etsy – an amazing place of handmade marketplace. While browsing houndreds of cute products I  fell in love with small ladies purses that I run into and thought to myself „ Hey! I can make something like that as well!”.And that's how it all started. I like to keep myself busy, so after making my first clutches just to see if I really can make them and getting a full time job I was waiting for, I still decided to open an Etsy store as this quickly became one of the little dreams that I really wanted to accomplish. The unexpected sales and the positive feedback that I kept getting from my buyers gave me the kick to start thinking of my little hobby more and more as a  professional bussiness that I wanted to develop. 
This blog is my way to outsource all the inspiration and creativity that runs through my mind on a daily basis. It's a design and lifestyle blog, where I share my work, DIY's, my favourite recipes, shops and artists that inspire me.

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